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Can I bring my carer to a workshop or appointment?

Absolutely! Bring an essential companion or carer, the only thing we ask is they are 16+ and you contact us first. As they have to be able to look after you if there were any unfortunate events.

I have diverse and complex needs is that an issue?

Not at all! We have many clients that come from all backgrounds, that have a wide range of needs, we will do our best cater for you and support you while you access our services. Just make any needs or adjustments known when contacting us.

What do I do if I am not very well?  

Please do not come if you are ill or feeling unwell. Many of our clients are more susceptible to illness due to have pre-existing conditions and disabilities, some staff included.

If possible please notify us 48- 24 hours before the workshop or appointment, so we can give you full refund and offer your place to another client. Any later then this a refund will not be issued. There maybe extenuating circumstances so please contact us.  

My question is not answered here?

Please contact us either through the website, email or one of our social media handles. Each handle is found at the bottom of each page under follow or through the Gallery section. 

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