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Professional Scribble, is founded by two creative industry professionals, Charleh and Richard. Both have a background in Visual Arts and are both AUHDers.

Richard is a full-time carer and freelance Visual Artist, predominately specialising in Print work while on his Degree, A lot of his creations are of a political nature. Since then he has specialised in other forms of graphic design such logo design, Access Guide and poster design for events and musicians. Other passions involve film photography, cycling and tutoring to art students. 

Charleh specialised in Feminist and Community Arts while completing her Higher National Diploma at the top of her cohort.

Charleh went on to be become a qualified creative business owner and as a Disability and Mental Health First Aider and Advocate. She has been representing individuals independently ever since. She is also currently under taking qualification with Tonic Music a Charity 'specialising in bespoke support for music industry professionals' after completing counselling modules and seizure training. 

From their passion and care for equality, social justice and personal experience as disabled individuals, they have joined to create the organisation Professional Scribble.

They hope they can support, empower, advocate and inform marginalised individuals of their rights; creatively, personally and professionally. 

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