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‘There's no way I would have been able to blast myself into sober euphoric hyperspace without the kindness and consideration of their dedicated Access Team, Charleh and Richard. From making sure my carer's broken down van got onto site safely to ensuring the disabled loos were topped up with sawdust and loo roll and leasing with site management and event leads to sort out bigger issues; they worked solidly all day every day to make sure the access camping crew were all ok.’ 

Kay Hatch

'Charleh and Richard's workshops are inclusive and enjoyable. My children and I have attended workshops at camp which we all enjoyed, including my Autistic son, due to their patience and understanding.
They are open minded, enthusiastic, empathic and driven to support Neurodiverse individuals and those with other disabilities to maximise their potential, through the use of art and creativity.
They are also exceptionally talented artists themselves. They would benefit any community lucky enough to become engaged with them.'

Samantha Gadsden

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