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Rules & Guidelines

  1. •We try to keep everyone at the same pace in the workshop, please be patient with us and everyone else.

  2. •Please be polite to everyone in the workshop.

  3. •All designs need to kept simple and not over complicated.

  4. •Please bring an apron or wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

  5. •Please make sure you have notified us 24 hours before a workshop if you can not attend any less time than that and you will not receive a refund.

  6. •Please do not come to workshops if you feel ill of any kind, as many of our attendees are vulnerable. 

  7. • Any carer or essential companion will be responsible for you in the result of an emergency and must be over the age of 16+. 

  8. •Please let us know any requirements and adjustments you need; we are happy to accommodate.

Workshops Rules: Site Rules
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